Traditional roofing systems (tar and gravel, roll on roofing, rubber membrane systems, etc.) have seams and can often develop leaks around HVAC stacks, flashing, and pretty much any place where the roofing system overlaps.  Because of this most of them offer minimum warranties of 5 years.  On our systems we offer a full 10 year leak protection warranty.  Our systems last much longer than this though.  In fact in a study that was conducted in the U.S. over 100 fortune 500 companies now have spray foam roofing systems, and many of the roofs are over 30 years old.  Spray foam roofing applications have a long history and has been used for 35+years.  With more and more interior spray foam work being done in the building community, and the likes of contractors such as Mike Holmes and Bryan Baeumler touting the benefits of spray foam, roofing spray foam applications are starting to be more prevalent. With our roofing system you are also getting an insulation value as well, with 2 inches of our spray foam you are receiving the highest R-value per inch in the market.  We use an extremely rigid and durable 3 lb density roofing foam that not only provides excellent insulation characteristics, but also adds rigidity to the structure of the building and is durable enough to walk on without puncturing the product.  Compared to traditional systems a spray foam roofing system can in fact pay for itself within a short period of time.  On average you are looking at $1.09 per square foot of savings per year versus the other roofing systems for heating and cooling costs, HVAC equipment maintenance, and repair costs.  So on a 100 by 100 foot building you are looking at a $10,900.00 annual savings compared to other roofing systems. The best part about the spray foam roofing system, besides the other benefits listed, is unlike interior spray foam applications where prices are double or more versus traditional fiberglass and poly insulation, spray foam roofing applications are the same if not cheaper than traditional roofing systems!  We can do this because unlike other systems that take many workers and a lot of time to complete the work we require only a few employees to run the spray foam machine and can do the work in a lot less time.